Our Products

Epoxy Powders

General purpose powder coatings based on epoxy resins, they exhibit combination of excellent mechanical properties with chemical resistance. Epoxy powders are ideally suited for indoor use. A range of matt, satin, semi-glossy, glossy and texture finishes are available in select colors.

Pure Polyester Powders

«  Pure polyester powders shows exceptionally high resistance to ultra-violet rays and possess excellent exterior durability.

«  Possesses excellent mechanical properties, gloss retention and excellent flow.

«  A range of satin, semi-glossy, glossy, metallic, transparent and antique finishes are available

Pure Polyester Powders

«  Building structural components, garden and farm equipments, fluorescent light fixtures, car bumpers, wheel caps, door handles etc.

Hybrid Powders

«  Outstanding general purpose decorative and protective finish, these powders are based on epoxy and polyester resins.

«  They exhibit high gloss, good flow, good over-bake resistance, good resistance to water and detergents.

«  Excellent mechanical properties along with moderate resistance to Ultra-violet rays make it suitable for giving finishing tough to white goods.

«  wide range of colors in matt, satin, semi-glossy, glossy, metallic and texture finishes are available.